General Information

Equipment - Innovative equipment. Each piece of equipment will be a new 3-flavor machine. Counter Top or Floor Models available. Equipment uses Bag-in-Box (BIB) syrup supplied by ICEE Distributors.

Installation of Equipment - Professional field service technicians at no additional charge will install each piece of equipment.

Maintenance Program - ICEE Distributors has a continuous maintenance program. We believe in finding and repairing parts that could be a problem before it becomes a problem. All at no additional charge.

Service - For no additional charge ICEE Field Service Technicians are available on a 24-hour per day basis. Field Service Vehicles have a wide array of parts on hand for on the spot service/repairs.

Cleaning of Equipment - The FCB equipment is a sealed system. ICEE personnel at no additional charge conduct periodic cleaning and sanitizing.

P.O.S. Advertising - All banners, decals, posters, pricing cards, mobiles, pole signs and road signs are provided by ICEE and installed at no additional charge. ICEE is also responsible for the replacement of damaged signage.

Changing of Flavors - ICEE believes in changing flavors to maximize sales. ICEE personnel do this for you at no additional charge. ICEE will in turn issue credit on unused boxes of syrup at the time of flavor change.

Commitment To Your Business - ICEE Distributors is committed to leading the industry in customer service, equipment technology and professional personnel. ICEE Distributors will customize a program for your business..

Please contact us for more information.