About Us

Joe Festervan from Shreveport, LA bought an ICEE distributorship in October 1965. ICEE Distributors has been bringing you the "coldest drink in town" ever since.

In the late 1950's, a man named Omar Knedlik owned a Dairy Queen in Coffeeville, Kansas. On warm days, Mr. Knedlik would store bottles of coke in his freezer and serve these super-cooled, semi-frozen drinks to his customers. He advertised this unique and refreshing drink as "The Coldest Drink in Town".

As the popularity of this new drink grew, Mr. Knedlik felt the need and saw the opportunity to develop a machine that was capable of dispensing the same type of frozen carbonated beverage. Mr. Knedlik felt strongly that any new machine should produce a product that was equal to or better in quality than the product his consumers were currently enjoying.

With a clear and unwavering idea of what he wanted, Mr. Knedlik began tinkering with an old ice cream machine and soon had the first primitive working model of the modern ICEE machine. The new machine was an instant hit!!!

He took his converted ice cream machine to the John E. Mitchell Company in Dallas, TX. Soon after manufacturing and selling approximately 300 machines, the John E. Mitchell Co. was facing an avalanche of sales orders and an overwhelming volume of field service and customer service requests. In the early 1960's the John E. Mitchell company decided to sell territory distributorships as a way to grow the new venture.

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